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Pick Your Own Fruits

We have school tours, contact us today for more information.

*Parties of more than 8 kids under 10 will be treated as a school group.

*We will be charging for kids from 3 years old to 15 years admission. The admission for kids is $4 per child. Kids 2 and under, and adults 16 and older are free.

We are currently picking red raspberries and backberries through October

Red Raspberries and Black berries. The red raspberry seasons starts around the end of June and continue into the fall, as late as October. The Blackberries will be ready the first of July- September.

The seasons depend on the weather, and we encourage you to call or check on our website for exact information.

Don't miss the season. Come on out and pick your own.

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am till 4pm, and Saturday's from 8am to 2:oo pm . Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are closed, in order for the raspberries to ripen.

Pricing: Pick your own raspberries run $3.00 per pound. They are all grown organically . We do charge for the kids that come out (3 yrs old to 15 yrs old) $4 per child admission. We have play areas, an animal area, and a bounce pillow for the kids to enjoy. Kids 2 and under are free and adults are free.

Also Available During Raspberry Season:

snack area, drinks, jams, jellies, and more!

Group Outing

Berry Picking & Educational Package

Strawberry Season projected start is the last week of May each year.

Please give us a call or check back on our website for the exact start date. Strawberry season lasts only about two and a half to three weeks. Our field hours are, Monday thru Friday 8am until 4pm & Saturday and Sunday 8am until 2pm

Pricing: Pick your own strawberries for only $3.00 per pound. We do charge for the kids that come out (3yrs old to 16 yrs old) $4 per child to use our play areas and animal area. Kids 2 and under are free and adults are free.

Also Available During Strawberry Season: snack area, strawberry drinks, strawberry glazes, jams and more!

Group Outing campfires and birthday party packages, please see our Group outing page.


Pick Your Own Fruits



Red Raspberries




Sugar Snap Peas