4 Barn Venues - 4 Unique Sites   We can easily accommodate parties of 75 to 400! Now booking! Please call, email, or text Zach with any questions or to book a tour. 402-661-4786 / info@bellevueberryfarm.com

 Campfires, Rental areas

The Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch is a great place to have your next birthday party, company party, or just a friends and family gathering.  Parties can be scheduled for nearly any day of the week and generally at all times of the year. Your group will receive a hayrack ride, use of our play areas and the use of one of our picnic areas with a bonfire. Your group can bring in their own food, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks to one of our campfire or rental areas.  You can also have cowboy Ed and his staff arrange a meal for you. If you want a fun, active, outside party, one that the kids and the young at heart will not forget, call today!

Campfire hotline 402-812-6960

No outside Alcohol can be brought in.  We do have bars that serve alcohol!

Due to Corona Virus, please bring in your own roasting sticks.

 Pumpkin season Admission is listed below

 Spring/Summer party -Admission is $8 per person, this also includes all the play areas, animal areas, and a hayride)


  • $65 campfire rental  - 15 person minimum  ($65 non-refundable deposit required)
  • Campfire rental includes 1 picnic table, benches, and a food table.  We also provide the wood and start the fire for you.
  • We do not have electrical at the campsites.  You can bring in your own chairs for more seating
  • We recommend no more than 50 people at one campsite.  You can reserve more than one campsite next to each other for larger groups.
  •  you can reschedule to an open date in season with rainout or lightning/storm.  If it is sprinkiling, or rained earlier and cleared off, or any other reason, we do not reschedule so event should continue as scheduled.

Kicking Horse Café

  • $175 rental of Kicking Horse Cafe  -15 person minimum  ($175 non-refundable deposit required)
  • barn will sit 25 people inside and many more with outside seating 
  • Firepit included as well as electrical, water and a basic stereo unit.
  • Small kitchen area
  • rental times (Fri-Sun) 10-2pm, 2-6pm, 6:30-close,  (M-Thursday) any 4 hours till 8:30

Birthday/Party barns 

  •   $175 rental of either of the party barns -25 person minimum ($175 non-refundable deposit required)
  •   barns will sit up to 40 people inside
  •   firepit and outside picnic table is included, as well as electirical inside the barns
  •   rental times (Fri-Sun) 10-2pm, 2-6pm, 6:30-close,   (M-Thursday) any 4 hours till 8:30

Pavilion area

  • $150 rental of Frontier Town Pavilion -25 person minimum ($150 non-refundable deposit required)
  •  Open air pavilion will seat up to 80 people under the roof
  • Firepit included, as well as electrical in the serving barn
  • has a small bar/serving barn attached to Pavilion
  • rental times (Fri-Sun) 10-2pm, 2-6pm, 6:30-close,  (M-Thursday) any 4 hours till 8:30


Pumpkin Season Admission

  • Starting Sept 17-Oct 31 (mon-Fri daytime)  $10 admission for everyone (kids 2 and under are free), 
  • Starting Sept 17-Oct 31 (Daytime 10-6p.m. Sat-Sun)  $15 admission for everyone (kids 2 and under are free)  
  • Starting Sept 16-Oct 31 (Nighttime Fri-Sat 6:30-11:30, Sun 6:30-9:30)  $15 admission for everyone (kids 2 and under free)  gets you 1 attraction, or $25 for both attractions (Haunted house and or Haunted Hayride) 


Pirate's Cove

  • $150 rental of Pirates cove area  -15 person minimum ($150 non-refundable deposit required)
  • Available only on Monday-Thursday nights
  • includes a firepit and seating for 100+ people, also electricity
  • $150 non-refundable deposit required.


  • Hot dog, chips & drink
  • $7 per person
  • Sloppy Joe, chips & drink
  • $8 per person
  • Hamburger, chips & drink
  • $9 per person
  • BBQ pork sandwich, chips & drink
  • $9 per person


SIDES (With the purchase of above)

  • Ranch beans
  • $1.50 per person
  • Potato salad
  • $1.50 per person
  • Garden salad
  • $1.50 per person
  • Extra hot dog
  • $4 per person

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