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Strawberry Season- June

Strawberry season lasts only about two and a half weeks. 
Please give us a call or check back on our website for the exact start date.

Pick your own strawberries for only $2.00 per pound

Also Available During Strawberry Season:
snack area, strawberry drinks, strawberry glazes & jams

Group Outing
Berry Picking & Educational Package


Raspberry Season-  We are open now for Red Raspberries M,W, and Fri  8-4pm @ Sat 8-2pm

Red raspberries will continue to bloom and fruit through the months of July, August, September, and October.
Depending on the weather, of course! Be sure to give us a call to see what we have ready for pickin

Pick your own raspberries run $3.00 per pound

Also Available During Raspberry Season:
snack area, drinks, jams & jellies

Group Outing
Berry Picking & Educational Package



Sweet Corn coming middle of August

We have three different varieties of raspberries, purple, red, and black.  The purple raspberries start usually around the middle of July, and last for a two week season.  The red raspberry seasons starts around the first part of July and continue into the fall, as late as October.  The Black raspberries look like they will be ready around the middle to late July this year.  The seasons depend on the weather, and we encourage you to call or check on our website for exact dates a few weeks before the expected start dates  They are all grown organically, and priced at $3 per pound. That's less than what you can find them for at the grocery store.  We have a good selection of jams and jellies available at our check in area, too.  Don’t miss the season. Come on out and pick your own.


Purple Raspberries
Purple Raspberry picking starts late June. Limited quantities.  They will be in season for approximately one month with the best picking early on.

Red Raspberries
Red Raspberry picking starts late July. The  red raspberries will produce all summer and into the fall. They are grown organically.

Asparagus picking has ended!

$3.00 Per Pound
$3.00 Per Pound
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