What kind of festivals do you have at the Ranch?

The Nebraska Renaissance Faire (May 6 & 7 / May 13 & 14)

Pirates, Pumpkins, and Cowboys Kickoff weekend (September 24 & 25)

The Midlands Pirate Festival (August 27 & 28)

Can we dress up for the festivals?

Absolutely, it makes it more fun, but not required.

Is there food at the events?

More food than you can shake a turkey leg at!

What can I expect to see and do at the festivals?

All sorts of fun things like costumes characters, unique accents and language, plays & performances, magical entertainers, musicians, poets, artisans, retail shopping, festival foods, a circus enviornment all set in the recreation of a historical European village.

How do I, as an entertainer, vendor, or artisan become involved?

Visit our contact page and also our Festivals page