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Having Family at Your Proposal

Having family present during or immediately after a proposal can be extremely special—you'll be able to celebrate with those you love immediately after saying “yes!" If you are thinking about having family at your proposal, here are some pros and cons to help you weigh your options!

  • PROS

Double the Surprise
After the proposal, you can surprise your fiance(e) again! A great and fun way to include family is by having them hide near the proposal site. That way they can come out and congratulate the both of you. Your fiance(e) will be thrilled to share the exciting news with everyone—in person.

If family is a big part of your lives, it will make the moment extra special. Most likely your parents or siblings have been with you for all the big milestones of your life. So having them involved with the proposal is another way they can help support you. A congratulatory hug from a happy mother or father is always a great feeling.

Photo Ops
Your family can be there to catch the little moments of the proposal or after the proposal. Right after saying “yes” there will be waves of emotions that are awesome to have on camera. Even if you do have a photographer there, family members can take photos on their smartphones and help share the news! Don't forget to tag #justsaidyes when posting!

Celebrations Continue
You will be able to continue the celebrations by having everyone go out together. Whether it be dinner or brunch, your family will already be able to attend a celebratory meal as a group.

Having your family there is a clear sign of their support for your future marriage, and solidify the fact that you are all family now. And, in the end, isn't that what it's all about?

  • CONS

The Secret May Slip
Sometimes family members have a hard time keeping a secret. There is a greater chance of ruining the surprise if you involve a lot of people. 

Less Privacy
A proposal is such a special time, therefore if you have all of your family around while you are popping the question it could take away from the intimacy of the moment. 

Lots of Logistics
Planning the proposal is already a huge task and involving family can make it more difficult. Having to make sure everyone is able to attend and has a place to stay can cause stress levels to rise. 

Too Much Input 
Family at times can be a bit overbearing. So, that could mean that they will want to put their input into the proposal, taking away from how you envisioned popping the question.

No matter what you decide, your proposal will be a very special moment. Just remember it is about the both of you, and you'll be sure to have a memorable story to tell.